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Computer Screen Blacks out when phone plugged in

Jan 22, 2010 at 11:45 PM

I'm trying to create and edit some themes (I'm new to the whole rooting thing) so I was directed to Droid Explorer. I've been messing around for two days trying to get Droid Explorer to play nice with my pc and sprint htc hero. Whenever I'm finally able to get it to install without suddenly "stopped working", then it'll open but when I actually plug my device into my pc, the screen goes black and I can't get it to turn back on without restarting the computer.

I've tried restarting the computer, restarting the phone, and eve starting the computer with the phone already plugged in. When I do that, it just freezes before it loads the desktop. Normally I would post this on a computer help forum but this only happens when I have Droid Explorer installed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and as soon as it's installed on my computer again, the screen goes black when I plug the phone in. The program doesn't need to be open for it to happen because it happens even when the program is not running.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Am I missing something? I have the Fresh 1.1 mod and I believe it has busybox installed. I'm going crazy, I don't know what else to do. Please help?