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Q. How do I enable USB Debugging on my Android device?

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Q. What devices have icons for explorer when connected via USB?

  • A. Any rooted device that has busybox is basically supported by Droid Explorer. As for the icons when connected, this is now pulled from a Cloud Service and as new devices are available, icons for them are added.

Q. I have a "phantom" device in Windows Explorer that shows as connected, but it isn't

  • A. We are not yet sure what causes the rare instance of a "phantom" device. But here is how you can manually remove it.
  • Open Registry Editor
  • Search HKEYCLASSESROOT\CLSID for the value of the "phantom" device ID. This is the name under the icon in explorer
  • The parent key to the device ID will be a GUID like {4aadfc55-0657-4b44-9f58-a0fca98fcb31}, for example. Remember this, write it down or paste it in to notepad.
  • Delete the key "HKEYCLASSESROOT\CLSID\{4aadfc55-0657-4b44-9f58-a0fca98fcb31} - replace the GUID with the GUID assigned to your "phantom" device
  • Navigate to HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MyComputer\NameSpace\
  • You will see another key named the GUID to your "phantom" device, delete this key as well.

Q. Which installer do I download?

  • A. The first part of the response to that depends on your system. If you have a 32bit Operating System then you will want to choose one of the x86 installs, if you have a 64bit system you will want to choose one of the x64 installs.

Q. I Get an error about “Unable to locate SDK” after installing Droid Explorer and the Android SDK

Q. When launching the Screencast plugin I receive a message "Application Blocked by Java Security".

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