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Droid Explorer will support the Android Backup (.ab) file format. But I also mentioned that Droid Explorer will extend the Android Backup file format so a backup can be tied to a specific device. This file format will be ABEX (Enhanced Android Backup). The file format is simple and just adds an additional header block to store the information.

	[Droid Explorer Version]\n
	[ABEX Version]\n

The first line is the Magic line. Next is the Device ID that the backup is tied to. This is value is a string. If the device is not connected, then an error message should be displayed notifying the user that the backup is tied to a specific device and that device could not be found. Next is the version of Droid Explorer (or the application that created the ABEX). This value is a string. Next is the Specification Version of ABEX (Current = 1). This value is an integer. The final line is an indicator showing the end of the ABEX header.

Following the ABEX Header should be the normal Android Backup content starting with the Android Backup Magic line.

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